We understand that high quality products and customer service are paramount when planning your next major project. No matter what construction project you are embarking on – Lofts will guarantee your project has the best sand and soil products that Melbourne has to offer.

Sand and Soil for All Projects

Whatever your project, Lofts has the sand and soil supplies you need. Our range includes;

  • Concrete sand
  • Drainage sand
  • Filter sand
  • Packing sand
  • Paving sand
  • Playground sand
  • Grouting sand
  • Pipe bedding sand (melbourne water, gas & fuel, SEC)
  • Brick sand
  • Top soil (screened sandy loam)
  • Top soil mix
  • Toppings

With over thirty years of providing rock steady service to a variety of clients and industries, Lofts is your one stop shop for the best sand and soil products that your project deserves.